One of our core values at Halland House is helping both residents and employees to lead rich and meaningful lives. That means working together to make sure everyone feels valued, supported, and sees a clear path to the future.

A rich and fulfilling life

We provide fun and stimulating activities in a safe and modern environment to help people with learning disabilities develop their life skills and interests. Our dedicated Head of Wellbeing and Lifestyle works alongside the care team to help people set and achieve realistic goals, and have fun doing it.

We’re a family

Halland House is for family. We’re an independent care home, which gives us the freedom to support people throughout their lives, whatever challenges they may face. Our person-centred care plans are designed to make everyone feel as comfortable, safe, and independent as possible.

Our story

Halland House was established in 1972, and many of our residents have lived here ever since. Over the years, the home has been extended and refurbished to give residents a safe and modern living environment where they can lead a rich and fulfilling life and work towards their development goals.

A homey feel

We have a long-serving team of dedicated, compassionate carers who provide round the clock care and supervision to help people with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible.

Above all, Halland House is a home. Our residents can bring their own furniture to make bedrooms their own, and we’re careful to make sure that any new addition to the family will get on well with other residents.

Person-centred care
Mutual respect
Open and honest communication
Treat staff and residents like family
Create meaningful lives
Leave a lasting legacy

Our mission

We support adults with learning disabilities in a cosy and comfortable setting. We understand the importance of listening to residents and their families to make sure they feel valued and understood, and can lead happy fulfilling lives.

Each of our 29 residents receives personalised care that reflects their needs, abilities, and development goals. We run regular activities that they can take part in and the team continuously monitors residents to make sure we’re balancing meeting their needs with creating a satisfying lifestyle.

Supporting changing needs

Flexible care is designed around the individual. We’re equipped to handle changing care requirements at different stages of a resident’s life and following any changes in their condition.

We also believe in looking after our own. We want our carers to enjoy long lasting careers with us and we actively invest in helping them achieve their career goals. When everyone works together and is aligned around these core values, we believe our residents get the best possible levels of care and the highest quality of life.

Life at Halland House is a journey

  • We continuously review processes to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Residents are monitored to ensure care is adapted for their changing needs
  • Staff are motivated and encouraged to learn new skills and earn certifications

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